What Is Chroming? Viral Social Media Trend Of Inhaling Chemicals Kills Teen

Esra reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest from inhaling chemicals from an aerosol deodorant can.

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Source: Representative image/Unsplash

Esra Haynes, a 13-year-old girl from Melbourne, Australia, lost her life while trying to attempt a social media trend called "chroming".

Esra reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest from inhaling chemicals from an aerosol deodorant can. The chroming trend is said to be viral among teens and pre-teens and the dangerous trend was also quite 'popular' on TikTok.

Esra Haynes Death

Esra Haynes took part in the shocking trend at a sleepover on March 31, 2023. According to A Current Affair report, her parents got a phone call at night that told them to 'come and get their daughter.’

By then, Esra had gone into cardiac arrest and was taken to hospital by paramedics where she was quickly put on life support. Her parents hoped that she would recover but a scan revealed that the teen had suffered irreparable brain damage. Esra passed away eight days later leaving her parents and three siblings heartbroken.

What is Chroming?

Chroming is basically huffing or sniffing that involves inhalation of toxic chemicals. Chroming is the act of inhaling toxic substances to get temporary high. The term is derived from the practice of inhaling chrome-based paint, which was once a popular way to get high. However, the term has now extended to the inhalation of any toxic substance, including paint, solvents, petrol, glue, aerosol cans, deodorants, permanent markers, and gasoline.

Methods of Chroming

Chroming is an inhalation methods involve breathing in substances through either the nose or the mouth. Here are some common techniques that are dangerous:

Sniffing: This method entails inhaling or sniffing fumes directly from containers.

Spraying: Aerosol containers can be sprayed directly into the nose or mouth for inhalation.

Bagging: Fumes from substances are inhaled by placing or spraying them inside a plastic or paper bag, which is then held over the nose and mouth.

Huffing: This technique involves holding a rag soaked with an inhalant up to the face or even placing it in the mouth for inhalation.

Effects of Chroming

The immediate experience after chroming includes a range of effects including euphoria, hallucinations, dizziness, nausea, increased heart rate, heightened pain tolerance, unconsciousness, slurred speech, and distorted vision. Inhalants are absorbed through the lungs and swiftly transported via the bloodstream to the brain, resulting in an immediate and brief period of intoxication that doesn't last long. However, the long-term effects are far more dangerous.

Chroming is a dangerous and potentially fatal activity. The chemicals that are inhaled can damage the brain, heart, lungs, and other organs. In extreme cases, seizures, heart attack, coma, and sudden sniffing death.