Sajjid Z Chinoy
Inflation And The Nominal Illusion
Why the apparent disconnect between India’s GDP data and the higher buoyancy of exports, imports, indirect taxes & credit growth?
Vishwanath Nair
How A Covert Crypto Clampdown Is Playing Out In India
A series of overt and covert moves have meant that India's crypto ecosystem is once again disrupted.
Raj Bhala
Wartime World Trade: Fragmentation Thrice Over
Three wars curse the world today, and each has fragmented global trade, writes Raj Bhala.
Parry Ravindranathan
Indian Shows To IPL: Amazon, Netflix, Disney And Reliance Want You To Keep Streaming
Can streaming sustain itself? So far, the answer has been elusive even in developed countries with more pricing power than India.
Ira Dugal
RBI Surprise Rate Hike: What, Why, Why Not, And Where
Four questions to ask after the RBI's emergency rate move – what? why? why not? where?
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