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Anticipate disruption and prepare for it to thrive in the digital economy

Seeking business growth in 2019 and beyond? Business leaders must embrace disruption and use it to their advantage. The Accenture Business Journal shows how Indian companies can push the pedal on innovation and unlock new levels of growth.

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Reinventing to Disrupt

Disruption is the New Normal. Here’s why companies must reinvent to profit from disruption

Resetting the Manufacturers' Playing Field

Digital is delivering a makeover in the manufacturing industry – are you part of the change or will you be left behind?

The power of three

There’s power in numbers. Here’s how you can use data, analytics, and AI to transform your business

AI For Good

Harnessing AI within a reliable and ethical framework will help you get the most from the power of AI

Follow my Lead

5 key strategies for businesses that aim to deliver higher customer satisfaction

Digital to the Core

How businesses are moulding their future through intelligent technologies that deliver transformation

Pack a Disruptive Punch

New-age business models to drive transformational value for consumer goods companies surfing the wave of disruption

Steel the Show

How Tata Steel leverages data analytics to streamline operations and retain the cutting-edge

Calling the Data Shots

Indian telecom is going through tough times, but here’s how telecom players can reinvent their game and the industry

Fortune Favours the Disruptor

Why asset management companies are betting big on digital to stay ahead of the curve

A Sweet Pill to Swallow

Indian healthcare is at a breaking point. Here’s the prescription to revitalise pharma and healthcare in India

Frictionless Innovation

How to create a friction-less innovation ecosystem that offers a win-win to start-ups as well as legacy players

Zero in on Profits

How Indian companies can leverage Zero-based Budgeting to unlock trapped value

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