Top 10 Financial Centres In The World

The US dominates the list with 5 centres in the top 10.

1. New York

According to a list released by think tanks Z/Yen Partners and the China Development Institute, New York is the number 1 financial centre in the world.

2. London

London takes the second spot on the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) with a rating of 731.

3. Singapore

Singapore remained third on the list with a rating of 723. As per Bloomberg, the index uses data collected from thousands of financial services professionals responding to an online questionnaire.

4. Hong Kong 

With a rating of 722, Hong Kong is fourth on the list just behind Singapore.

5. San Francisco

San Francisco is the fifth ranked financial centre in the list with a rating of 721.

6. Los Angeles

Los Angeles has overtaken China's Shanghai in the 33rd edition of the Global Financial Centres Index.

7. Shanghai

Shanghai with a rating of 717 dropped one place to seventh in the list.

8. Chicago

Chicago broke into the top 10 with a rating of 716. In the previous list, it held the 12th position.

9. Boston

Boston also entered the top 10 displacing Shenzhen.

10. Seoul

Seoul moved into the top 10 with a rating of 714.

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