The Elephant Whisperers - 7 Fast Facts About The Oscar Winning movie

The Elephant Whisperers won the best short documentary movie at the Oscars. Here are some interesting facts about the movie.

The Elephant Whisperers is the first Indian movie to win an Oscar in this category.

Director Kartiki Gonslaves is based out of Mumbai and is a photojournalist and filmmaker by profession

The Mudumalai National Park served as the backdrop for the film The Elephant Whisperers.

The film showcases the splendour of South India's wild areas as well as the inhabitants and creatures that live there.

The documentary tells the audience that Bomman and Bellie, the film's two main characters, became the first couple to safely nurture two orphaned elephants in South India.

The 39-minute film explores the relationship between animals and humans, as well the effects of human development on the environment, and the centuries-long wisdom and instinctive understanding of forest practises still used by indigenous communities like the Kattunayakans of the Nilgiris.

Kartiki Gonsalves' work is reminiscent of a safari, where the audience silently observes the coexistence of nature and man

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