PNB FD Credit Card: All You Need To Know

PNB has recently launched fixed deposit-backed credit cards for those customers who do not qualify for regular credit cards.

PNB FD Credit Card

Punjab National Bank announced through its official Twitter account on January 19, 2023, that they have launched credit cards against FDs that customers who do not qualify for regular CCs can use. However, the specified minimum balance in the FD must be maintained. 

80% Credit Limit To FD

PNB has become one of the first public sector banks to introduce an FD-backed credit card. Credit card users can get up to 80% of the total amount of money invested in the FD or multiple FDs as their credit limit.

No Documents Needed

PNB claimed through their tweet that users would not need to submit any new documentation while applying for the credit card if they already have an FD account registered to their name.

No Joining Fees

Moreover, customers would not have to pay any joining fees while applying for the PNB FD-backed credit card and users would also not need to visit the bank in order to apply or register for it, as the process can be done online.

Instant Virtual Issuance Of Credit Card

The PNB FD-backed credit card would be issued virtually as soon as the application process gets confirmed by the bank. Once you apply for the credit card against FD with PNB bank, your virtual credit card would be issued instantly after verification.

Insurance Coverage On RuPay Variant

Comprehensive insurance coverage would be provided for the FD-backed credit card if the customers end up choosing a RuPay variant of the PNB credit card.

Rewards And Offers

Moreover, PNB announced through their official tweet that there would also be many offers that would be provided, such as reward points on spending, lounge access at airports, cash advances, and much more.

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