OpenAI Releases GPT-4: All You Need To Know

OpenAI has unveiled ChatGPT's successor GPT-4. Here's all about the latest AI tool.

What Is Chat GPT-4?

The GPT in ChatGPT 4 stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer version 4. GPT 4 is an AI language model that uses a deep learning algorithm to generate human-like text based on textual input.

Enhanced Modality

GPT-4 has a much better modality than its predecessor, GPT-3, which means it can operate better when it comes to processing texts, images, and even generating videos based on textual inputs.

Improved Multimodality

GPT-4 incorporates multimodality, which allows it to process and analyse data from various sources such as texts, images, and videos. This means it can provide more accurate and efficient communication.

GPT4 Has Video Processing Capabilities

GPT-4 also has video processing and generating capabilities, which allow the AI model to create AI-generated videos from simple text prompts.

Improved Response Time

One of the issues with GPT-3-based chatbots is their slow response time to queries. GPT-4 reportedly has a much higher processing and response times.

Reduced Mistakes

GPT-3 and GPT-3.5-based chat bots often gave wrong answers confidently and insisted that they were right, a phenomenon called hallucination. GPT-4 has reduced these hallucinations, improving accuracy and reliability.

How To Access ChatGPT 4?

Chat GPT4 will be available through the ChatGPT chatbot for Plus subscribers and via Open AI’s API for third parties to use. If you have access to the Bing chatbot, it already has Chat GPT 4 integrated.

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