Microsoft Introduces GPT-3.5-Powered Teams Premium; All You Need To Know

Microsoft has integrated OpenAI's GPT 3.5 into Teams as part of a new premium service, offering some great features. Check it out!

Microsoft Integrates GPT-3.5 into Teams

Microsoft has integrated the technology behind OpenAI’s highly successful chatbot GPT into Teams, as part of a new premium offering. This change will simplify meetings, automate notes, and recommend tasks based on conversation topics.

Teams With GPT-3.5 Premium Plan

The premium plan will cost $7 a month in June and then rise to $10 a month in July. This is Microsoft's first product launch since it took a $10bn stake in OpenAI and confirmed it would offer the API through its Azure cloud service.

Simplifies Meetings And Create Recaps

GPT-3.5 will run when a meeting starts but can also be used to create a template that matches the meeting organizer's requirements. It will include an intelligent recap that automatically generates notes and highlights for future reference.

Divides Meetings Into Chapters And Sections

GPT-3.5 will also generate chapters in the meeting recording, dividing it into sections with titles and descriptions for easier navigation. It can add personalised timeline markers that show when the user joined or left the meeting, or when a specific name was mentioned.

Live Translations For Meetings

Live translations from captions that can translate between 40 languages and display captions in the user's language of choice will also be available.

Personalised Meeting Highlights

Soon, personalised meeting highlights will expand to include speaker timeline markers that show who spoke during the meeting, and when they spoke, and allow users to jump to that moment. Timeline markers will be intelligently organized based on who the user works closely with.

Teams With GPT-3.5 Launch 

The automated chapter markers and personalised timeline markers are already available in PowerPoint Live through Teams today. Other features, such as the intelligent recap, notes, and generated tasks, will be added in the second quarter of this year.

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