Mercedes E-Class 2024 Interiors Unveiled!

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the interiors of the 2024 Mercedes E-Class, which will be packed with high-tech features.

The features of the Mercedes E-Class 2024 interiors include a Superscreen. The luxury carmaker has not revealed the dimensions of the Superscreen display, but it is expected to be around 12.3 inches.

The Superscreen also includes a selfie camera mounted above the dashboard.

Powered by a new central processor and 5G data connectivity, the 2024 Mercedes E-Class also comes with a new third-party app store.

This means that a host of popular apps like TikTok, Zoom, Angry Birds, Webex by Cisco, etc. will be available on the 2024 Mercedes E-Class dashboard.

Mercedes-Benz has introduced the Zoom integration keeping in mind the requirement of car owners to join in important business meetings without having to open a laptop.

The new Mercedes E-Class 2024 is scheduled to hit the international markets later this year. However, there is no clarity so far no on its launch in India.

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