In Pics: BMW Motorrad R nineT & R 18 100 Years In India

BMW Motorrad recently rolled out the R nineT and R 18 100 Years editions In India. Check them out.

BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad is celebrating its 100th anniversary by introducing 100-year special edition models, namely the the R nineT Roadster and the R 18 Cruiser. Both these special edition bikes are limited to only 1,923 units each, worldwide. Let’s examine their features now.

BMW Motorrad R nineT And R 18 Price In India

The two special edition bikes with a limited production run is available in India at respective prices: BMW R nineT at Rs. 24 lakhs and BMW R 18 at Rs 25.90 lakhs.

BMW Motorrad R nineT And R 18 Colour

The engine, transmission case, and rear axle drive are all painted black on both BMW Motorrad special edition motorcycles, continuing a longstanding BMW Motorrad tradition.

BMW Motorrad R nineT And R 18 Type

A two-cylinder, 1170 cc air/oil-cooled boxer engine with 109 horsepower and 116 Nm of torque powers the BMW R nineT roadster-style motorcycle. On the other hand, the BMW R 18, which is a cruiser, has 91 horsepower and 158 Nm of torque and comes with 1800 cc two-cylinder, four-stroke, air/oil-cooled boxer engine.

BMW Motorrad R nineT And R 18 Aesthetics

On the R nineT, the chrome parts are combined with black elements like the Option 719 Classic black anodized rims, air intakes, and fork tubes. A more noticeable feature of the R 18 100 Years edition, which has a similar chrome and black appearance, is the two-tone black and oxblood red finish that is embossed with a diamond pattern.

BMW Motorrad R nineT And R 18 Weight

The BMW R nineT weighs 221 kg and the BMW R 18 weighs a massive 345 kg.

BMW Motorrad R nineT And R 18 Speed

The top speed of the BMW R nineT is 200 kmph, whereas the highest speed of the BMW R 18 is 180 kmph.

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