H3N2 Virus: How To Keep Yourself Protected From This Viral Flu?

India is witnessing a sudden spike in H3N2 cases. Here are some tips to tackle the influenza virus.

Get The Flu Vaccine

The best way to prevent getting infected with the H3N2 flu (hong-kong flu) is to get the flu vaccine every year. It can help you stay safe against the H3N2 influenza virus.

Wash Your Hands Often

Regularly washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds can help prevent the spread of germs and viruses, including the H3N2 flu.

Cover Your Mouth And Nose While Sneezing/Coughing

It is a good idea to cover your mouth and nose with a napkin or your hand when you cough/sneeze to prevent the spreading of germs and infecting others. Don't forget to wash your hands after.

Avoid Contact With The Infected

Try to avoid making close contact with people who are infected with H3N2. If you are infected, stay in isolation to prevent the spread of the virus.

Clean And Disinfect Your Home

Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that may be contaminated with the flu virus to lower the chances of getting infected.

Have A Healthy Lifestyle

Eating a nutritious diet, getting plenty of sleep, and staying physically active can help keep your immune system strong and reduce your risk of getting sick.

Wear A Mask Outside

Wearing a mask can help prevent the spread and infection of the flu virus, especially in public places or when you are in close contact with other people.

Stay Updated About The Virus

It’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest information about the H3N2 flu and make sure to follow guidelines from government health advisors to prevent the spread and avoid getting infected.

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