Top 7 Countries Which Indian Citizens Can Visit Visa Free in 2023

Thinking of a vacation but worried about your visa? Check out the list of countries where Indians can travel visa-free!


For 120 days, Indians can stay in Fiji without a visa. Fiji is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, coral reefs, inviting lagoons, and hospitable locals.


Mauritius is one of the most stunning countries where Indians can travel without a visa. You are allowed a maximum of 90 days there to experience the local cuisine and visit the beaches, reefs, and lagoons.


One of the most beautiful nations in the Caribbean is Barbados. For those looking to holiday on a tropical island, it is the ideal location. Indian nationals can visit and also stay without a visa in this country for 90 days.


Another country where Indian nationals can travel to with an on-arrival visa is Thailand. You may visit the monasteries, beaches, temples, and flea markets whenever you choose as you don't need to wait for a visa to enter the country.


Madagascar Island is a fantastic holiday destination because of its stunning sceneries and diverse food. It is easy for Indian nationals to plan a holiday there because they are permitted to visit this island nation for as many as 30 days without paying for a visa.


One of the fantastic places to travel is the Maldives, which accepts visas upon arrival. To take advantage of the free 90-day stay in the Maldives without a visa, pack your things and depart straight immediately.


Macau, known as Vegas of China, is the hub of gambling and a thriving nightlife. Indian citizens can enter Macau without a visa for up to 30 days and also receive one at the airport in Hong Kong.

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