8 Apps That Will Reward You To Walk

Did you know there are many apps that actually pay you to walk? Let’s check out what they are!

Earn With Every Step

Whether you loathe walking or are fitness freak, wouldn’t it be fantastic if walking a few steps every day earned you attractive rewards? Walking is an imperative part of our daily lives and also bears numerous advantages for our health. Let's get started with the best walking-related applications that will actually pay you to walk!

1. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin pays you with digital currency when you walk. Every 2,000 steps, it converts into its own currency, which users can use to buy and sell items. The free basic app has a daily walking step cap. Both iOS and Android users can use the software.

2. Step Set Go

This app keeps track of all the steps its users take, such as the daily mileage they travel, and the calories they burn while exercising. You can easily download this app from the Google Play Store or any other trustworthy website.

3. Hav. Fitness

It is a well-known Indian app that guarantees its customers' better health. It started out as a diet app and is now used to keep track of water intake, sleep, and exercise. This software provides users with thrilling rewards for completing both its own and sponsored challenges.

4. Growfitter

Health-conscious individuals love this software very much. It offers incentives to users who faithfully adhere to fitness regimens. This app gives daily financial incentives for completing jogging, walking, or cycling challenges.

5. Runtopia

It is a GPS tracker that doubles as a running application. The app can be used to calculate how far you've travelled on a treadmill. It is also used to keep track of the user's mileage and paces while competing in marathons. Every day, this app rewards users for engaging in cardiac fitness routines like jogging and running.

6. FitPotato

This software can track daily nutrition and exercise, both of which are crucial to maintain proper weight. You can pick any exercise you like from jogging, running, or walking. On this app, you can win rewards every week. For a chance to win these rewards, you must complete 3 stages of any activity in just one week.

7. StepBet

This app comes with a bit of a risk-cum-fun for its users. The app does not merely pay users for strolling around. You need to wager on yourself to achieve the set goals while competing with other users of the app.

8. Lympo

It is a fantastic app that provides its users with a variety of fun incentives for completing fitness-related tasks. You earn LYM coins every time you finish a task listed on this app. Using those coins, you can get the sporting equipment of your choice.

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