5 New Spotify Features To Unroll Soon

Music streaming platform Spotify will launch a host of new features like an AI DJ, a TikTok-like Feed, Smart Shuffle, and more.

TikTok-like Discovery Feeds

Spotify will launch scrolling “discovery” feeds, which will allow users to scroll through album and playlist recommendations with previews of up to five tracks.

Smart Shuffle For Better Recommendations

A new “Smart Shuffle” mode for playlist recommendations is being launched, only available to premium users. Smart Shuffle will use an algorithm to provide personalised and contextually relevant song suggestions.

Podcast Autoplay

Podcast autoplay will automatically play the next episode in a podcast series when you’re finished listening to one podcast episode.

Spotify AI DJ

The Spotify AI DJ is currently available only to premium subscribers in the U.S. and Canada. This feature uses generative AI and a natural-sounding AI voice to give music selections and offer background information on the artist, song, or album.

Video Feed

This feature presents a snippet of a song’s audio combined with video,  allowing users to preview an album, playlist, or song. Users can listen to their own music while scrolling the feed on mute and tap on the card to go to the full album or playlist view.

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