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10 Unique Ways To Spend Valentine's Day With Your Loved One

Go beyond your typical Valentine's day gifts. Do something different this year!

Have A Cook-Off

This Valentine's Day, bring out your inner MasterChef and whip up your best dish as you face off with your lover. If you’re not the competitive type, simply cook something delicious together.

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Groove Together

Always wanted to dance to a romantic track like in the movies? Take up a couple’s dance class and get your romantic mood on.

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Plan A Bookstore Date

If you or your partner is a book lover, go to the nearest bookstore and pick out some amazing books together. You can also come back and read it to your Valentine.

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Volunteer At A Charity

Sometimes love is best felt when it’s given to the less fortunate. This Valentine's, spread the love by volunteering at a charity together.

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Plan An Adventurous Date

Adventurous couples can get out into the outdoors and explore the wilderness. Whether you go on an impromptu road trip or a tedious hike, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

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Set Up A Treasure Hunt

Whether you’ve got a unique gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend or a simple one, give it in style by setting up a Treasure Hunt for your partner to find them.

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Recreate Your First Date

Wondering what the best Valentine's Day gift for your wife or husband would be? Recreate that first date, that first moment, which led to so many beautiful moments. Live it all together once again!

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Craft A Cocktail

Want to have some fun on your Valentine’s Day date? Learn how to craft a delicious cocktail or go for a Wine Tasting date if you’re not in the mood to put in the work.

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Have A Couple’s Spa Day

One of the best Valentine's Day date ideas would be to go to a couple’s spa together. Just relax and get some massages, some facials, some aromatherapy and more.

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Create Something Together

DIY is the trend. Whether you put together a piece of furniture for your home or plant a garden full of saplings, or simply paint a room, create something beautiful together!

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