10 Content Creators Who Are Simplifying Finance For The Gen Z & Millennials On Social Media

Read out the list of 10 content creators who are simplifying finance for the Gen Z and millennials on social media.

10 content creators simplifying finance for the Gen Z and Millennials on social media

The field of finance has several facets. It includes tax investments, F&O trading, intraday and long-term stock market trading, and more. A lot of people nowadays, including Gen Z and millennials, follow financial content creators on social media to have better and in-depth understanding about personal finance and various modes of investment. Here are 10 such creators who are streamlining finance for Generation Z and millennials.

1. Neha Nagar

Neha Nagar is a wealth manager, financial counsellor, and the creator of taxationhelp.in, a company that assists entrepreneurs with their financial requirements. Neha is in a class by herself. She consistently produces high-quality finance-related content by combining her years of expertise and knowledge. She was even highlighted on FEMINA for her tax and finance-related writing. The influencer was profiled by CNBC in 2021 for her opinion on stock market reversals and when to buy shares.

2. Rachana Phadke Ranade

Rachana Phadke Ranade is an Indian venture capitalist, entrepreneur, teacher, investor, and chartered accountant. The Indian financial influencer is renowned for producing content on investment tactics, financial ideas, and much more. Rachana posts information on Instagram that educates users on how to calculate their taxes and capital gains, how mutual funds operate, how to pick loans, how to invest in unlisted stocks, etc.

3. Sharan Hegde

Sharan Hegde, an Indian financial influencer, speaker, management consultant, and content creator based in Bangalore, Karnataka, is well-known for sharing financial tips with millions of people on social media platforms. The topics that Sharan covers include taxes, insurance, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, home loans, NFT, real estate, mutual funds, and the stock market. He also offers advice on prudent saving and investing. In an interview with ETnow, Sharan emphasised the significance of teaching Gen-Z about money management.

4. Ankur Warikoo

Ankur Warikoo is an entrepreneur-turned-fin-fluencer who creates videos about productivity tips, personal finance, and business. He posts three Hindi and English videos every week where he talks about failure, business, and personal finance.

5. Raj Shamani

Raj Shamani is a top influencer in finance who provides advice on investing and stock market matters. He also serves as a motivational speaker, addressing topics such as how to become a business influencer and how business owners can directly profit from their hobbies by gradually expanding their organisations. He is also a well-known Instagram user who routinely posts content about money or ways to become more financially savvy.

6. Shreyaa Kapoor

Being a creator of financial content, Shreyaa Kapoor creates videos emphasising on investing, trading stocks, and other prudent financial decisions. She decided to quit her full-time job around a year ago in order to focus on her objective of streamlining all things financial through her Instagram posts.

7. Shivanshu Agrawal

Shivanshu Agrawal is one of the financial influencers with the quickest growing following on social media. His success is attributable to his capacity to develop original ideas and experiment with them while instructing his audience. His reels on understanding the business models of well-known brands or how they handle their finances, such as Colgate's business strategy, have had more than 170 million views in less than a year.

8. Ashna Tolkar

Ashna Tolkar is one of the top social media influencers in finance. She has a passion for management, finance, and business. She developed her own unique courses on a range of financial and stock market subjects. She also offers a range of courses, including Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, and Basic Stock Market.

9. Simran Kullar

Simran's uncluttered and approachable aesthetic is a haven for the financially bewildered because she recognises the significance of the wider picture, and that money actually isn't everyone's strong suit. Simran provides advice on her Instagram handle on how to plan for your financial future, how to deal with financial stress, and how to have the pay discussion. Additionally, she runs a blog about her trips and provides 1-on-1 sessions through her website.

10. Anushka Rathod

Anushka Rathod talks about personal finances, company success stories, and makes finance-related memes on her Instagram account. In order to make the topic of personal finance more approachable for a variety of audiences, Anushka frequently produces hilarious videos. Additionally, she has other guides on various subjects, such as mutual funds and money-saving advice.

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