10 Brands From Shark Tank India Season 1 That Flourished After The Show

10 brands have achieved success after a fruitful first season of Shark Tank India. Let us find out what those brands are!

10 Brands That Have Made It Big After Shark Tank India Season 1

Whether it was for the judges or the memes, the first season of Shark Tank India was a great hit with viewers. About 67 companies closed transactions in the first season. With the newfound prominence the show offered them, some businesses and startups were able to drastically raise their valuation and public perception. The following list includes some of Shark Tank India's top-performing brands.

1. Auli Lifestyle

Aishwarya Biswas, the inventor of Auli, succeeded in winning over Shark Namita Thapar, after which she started the retail distribution of her business. Auli Lifestyle's line of vital ayurvedic skincare products is now valued at between Rs 30 and Rs 37 lakh every month. Their skincare and cosmetics are currently sold in all Mumuso locations.

2. Namhya Foods

The all-natural superfood company Namhya Foods demonstrated that wholesome and nourishing food is the new delectable. Utilizing the beneficial properties of Indian herbs, the company seeks to promote the traditional Indian way of eating. Namhya managed to set a monthly sales record of Rs. 40 lakhs after concluding a contract for Rs. 50 lakhs with 10% equity and will open distribution centres in the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

3. Tagz Foods

While Lays and Kurkure may still be the market leaders for chips in India, metropolitan areas there appear to be moving toward healthier alternatives. For example, Lays recently introduced its own baked line of chips, along with brands like Too Yumm and, as of recently, Tagz Foodz. Tagz Foodz currently has distribution networks in 20 cities, as well as international markets in Kuwait and Australia. Their main product is healthier popped chips. Tagz has had a 3X rise since settling for a deal worth Rs 70 lakh.

4. Nomad Food Project

What started as a collegiate research project has evolved into a flourishing food business. The wonderful bacon thechas, spreads, and jams from Nomad Food Project are designed to relieve your cravings for food. Their monthly sales increased from Rs 5 Lakhs to Rs 19 Lakhs after the show. They began shipping internationally after distributing goods within India. The business signed a contract for Rs. 40 Lakh for 20%.

5. Skippi Ice Pops

The packed stickless popsicles offered by the Indian firm FruitChill are comparable to those made by the British brand Skippi Ice Pops. With its eye-catching packaging and seasonally appropriate flavours, Skippi was able to stand out and become the first startup to receive approval from every Shark on the show. In contrast to their former monthly collections of Rs 4-5 lakh, Skippi now makes Rs 70 lakh every month. Additionally, the business has begun shipping its icy goods to Nepal, Hong Kong, Kuwait, and Uganda.

6. Brain Wired

Brain wired is one of Shark Tank India's most ground-breaking innovation products and one of the top 75 agricultural success stories in the country. A transaction for Rs 60 Lakhs at 10% was obtained by the tech company. Prior to entering the tank, their monthly sales ranged from Rs 1 to Rs 2 lakhs. Currently, this is at an all-time high of Rs 35 lakhs every month.

7. Quirky Naari

On Shark Tank, Mathura-based creator Malvica Saxena introduced Quirky Naari as the country's first hand-painted denim line and showed off some outrageously unique clothing and shoes (including LED shoes). The brand's monthly sales have increased slightly (from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5 lakh) and it has begun to receive orders from other countries after securing a deal for Rs 35 lakh with 15% ownership.

8. The Sass Bar

The Sass Bar specialises in selling handmade soaps in fun shapes like ice cream and cupcakes. When you first see its products, they appear to be vivid and pretty attractive. Since the business agreed to a transaction on Shark Tank India for Rs 50 lakh and 35% equity, its monthly sales have increased from Rs 6 lakh to Rs 10–20 lakhs.

9. Hammer Lifestyle

Following an investment at Shark Tank India, this smart device firm has experienced fantastic market expansion. Hammer had monthly sales of Rs 70 Lakhs and had 30k hits to their website before to the show. The amount of money they now make each month has gone up from Rs. 70 lakhs to Rs. 2 crores. Their website now has 400k more users. The business has recently begun doing offline distribution.

10. Get-A-Whey

Even though ice cream is a savoury food, eating too much of it might make you feel weighty. Get-A-Whey makes an effort to change that with their protein-rich, low-calorie, and sugar-free ice creams. The Sharks loved them right away for their variety of flavours and attractive presentation. The firm, which boasted monthly sales of Rs 20 lakh, was the brainchild of mother-son team Jimmy and Jash Shah. This amount has increased to Rs. 80 lakh and even Rs. 1 crore since Shark Tank India.

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