China Population Shrinks After Six Decades

China had 141 crore people at the end of 2022—8.50 lakh fewer than the end of 2021.

Milestone Drop In China's Population

China had 141 crore people at the end of 2022, around 8.50 lakh fewer than at the end of 2021.

First Plunge Since Great Famine

This shrink marks the first drop in China's population since 1961—the final year of the Great Famine.

Lowest Birth Level Since 1950s

In 2022, 95.6 lakh babies were born, down from 1.062 crore in 2021, despite the government's efforts to encourage families to have more children.

Covid Increases Death Level

In 2022, around 1.041 crore people died, a marginal increase from approximately 1 crore deaths recorded in recent years. Covid-related deaths saw a surge from December.

Demographic Crisis For China?

The labor force is shrinking, long-term demand for houses may continue to fall. China could also lose its status as the world's most populous country to India.

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