Ceiling Fans To Become Costly As New Norm Kicks In?

Prices of ceiling fans are set to get costlier as the mandatory star labelling regulations in the country kick in from Jan. 1.

Fans And Stars

Under the new energy labelling mandate, fan manufacturers must display star ratings on their fans, which will be between one and five stars.

Power Saving

The intent is to lower power consumption, and the new norms will result in energy savings ranging from 30% for 1-star-rated fans to over 50% for 5-star fans.

Price Hike

A change in these norms will have a direct impact on fan prices in the market. An energy-efficient fan, according to industry executives, will cost about 8–20% more.

Effect On Your Wallet

Manufacturers like Havells and Orient Electric expect a marginal increase in cost due to the new norms, which will be passed on to the consumers.

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