ChatGPT Gets Internet Access: 8 Things You Can Do Now

ChatGPT Plus with internet access revolutionizes interactions.

In one of the most recent updates, OpenAI enabled ChatGPT to access the internet. A Twitter thread by a user named '' stating 8 tasks ChatGPT can do with the internet has gone viral. Take a look:

1. Summary Of News

The enhanced capabilities of ChatGPT now allow users to receive concise and accurate news summaries within seconds, ensuring they stay informed and up to date with the latest events and developments around the world.

2. Detecting A Trend

ChatGPT, with its internet connectivity, is your ultimate business partner, providing invaluable support and collaboration.

3. Academic Research

Streamline the analysis of recent academic documents to achieve maximum time efficiency and expedite research endeavors.

4. Improve Your Productivity

Experience a significant leap in your work-from-home productivity by harnessing the power of ChatGPT's innovative assistance, helping you stay focused, organized, and efficient like never before.

5. Stock Market Analyst

Leverage real-time data in ChatGPT to perform comprehensive analysis of company performance and make informed investment decisions.

6. Explain A Complex Event

ChatGPT has the capability to incorporate current information in order to offer simplified explanations for various situations.

7. Coding Using The Latest Documentation

ChatGPT strives to access the most recent information to enhance coding proficiency.

8. Write An Updated Essay

ChatGPT can now provide helpful links and references for your essay, enriching your research and supporting your arguments.

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