Jio vs Airtel vs Vi Postpaid Plans: How Do The New Jio Plus Plans Compare To Airtel And Vi?

Let's take a look at how the newly introduced Jio Plus postpaid plans compare to the existing Vi and Airtel postpaid plans.
<div class="paragraphs"><p>Jio vs Airtel vs Vi Postpaid plans compared</p></div>
Jio vs Airtel vs Vi Postpaid plans compared

Jio has recently announced the introduction of Jio Plus, a new set of four postpaid plans including two individual postpaid plans and two family postpaid plans. These plans come with a free trial period of one month.

According to the announcement, the new Jio Plus postpaid plans will be available from March 22, 2023. In this article, let’s see how these newly introduced Jio Plus postpaid plans compare to the existing Airtel and Vi postpaid plans.

Jio vs Airtel vs Vi Postpaid Plans

Ever since the introduction of Jio Plus postpaid plans, comparisons have been drawn between these plans and the postpaid plans offered by their competitors, Airtel and Vi. Customers want to know which service provider can offer them the best value for their money. Read on to find out which plans offer you a better deal.

However, before we get into that comparison and analyse the Jio Plus plans, let’s take a look at all the existing postpaid plans offered by Jio, Airtel and Vi:

Jio Plus Postpaid Plans

According to the announcement made by Reliance Jio, the Jio Plus Postpaid Plans will be made available starting March 22, 2023. Hence, these plans haven’t been made available on the official Jio website either. Ahead of the comparison between these plans and the ones offered by Airtel and Vi, let’s take a look at the Jio Plus plans.

Jio Plus Plans In Comparison To Airtel And Vi Postpaid Plans

Jio Plus includes four postpaid plans - two individual and two family plans. Let’s start with the first one priced at Rs 299 which comes with 30GB of data. At the cost of Rs 299 per month, this Jio Plus individual postpaid plan is the lowest-priced plan compared to any postpaid plans offered by Vi and Airtel.

The next individual plan offered by Jio is priced at Rs 599. This Jio postpaid plan offer truly unlimited internet to its users. Meanwhile, the Airtel individual plan offers 75GB of data for Rs 499 and the Vi individual plan offers 90GB of data for Rs 501.

Moving on to the family plans, let’s start with the one priced at Rs 399. While Airtel and Vi offer 40GB and 50GB of data for plans priced at Rs 399 and Rs 401 respectively, Jio offers 75GB of data.

Jio only offers 5GB of data per month per add-on while Airtel offers 30GB of data per month for add-on customers. However, Airtel presents add-ons for Rs 299 per add-on while Jio allows add-ons for just Rs 99. So, if you get the Rs 399 pack with Jio and get 3 add-ons your total goes up to Rs 696. Whereas with Airtel your total goes up to Rs 1,296.

However, you can get 3 free add-ons if you opt for the Airtel postpaid plan priced at Rs 999. It comes with 100GB of data with 30GB per add-on. While the cost of the Jio plan still remains lower with 3 add-ons, if you need more data, then Airtel could be a better choice albeit slightly costlier.

Now let’s talk about the last Jio Plus postpaid plan i.e. the one priced at Rs 699. This plan can be compared with the Vi plan which is available for Rs 699 as well. At the same price, Jio offers 100GB of data while Vi offers 80GB of data. While the Vi plan offers complimentary subscriptions to ZEE5 and Hungama music, Jio users get access to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

If you get 3 add-ons each, the total of the Jio plan comes to Rs 996. Meanwhile, for Rs 999 Airtel users can get up to Rs 190GB of data while Vi users can get 260GB of data. Both these plans also offer complimentary subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video and Disney+Hotstar.

To conclude, Jio does present a profitable deal at competitive rates. However, if you need more data, you need to consider that as well before making the purchase.

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