Barack Obama Pauses Mid-Speech For A 4-Year-Old; Check Out Some More #ObamaAndKids Moments

Watch how Former US President Mr Barack Obama reacted when a 4-year-old interrupted his campaign speech

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Source: JDCocchiarella on Twitter</p></div>
Source: JDCocchiarella on Twitter

Former US President Barack Obama has recently been campaigning for the Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock in Atlanta, Georgia. The Senator has been campaigning for the upcoming Georgia senate elections to be held on December 6, 2022. During the speech that Mr Obama delivered during the campaign, he was interrupted by a child from amongst the audience. This clip of Obama with the child was posted online for thousands to see. As per these clips shared online, Mr Obama paused his campaign speech multiple times to interact with the child. Mr Obama also said this about the child, “He’s only four and he’s making sense.”

Continuing to talk about the child in the campaign, Mr Obama made this statement:

“We will be setting an example for a four-year-old right here, and lay a foundation for him to build on. They are watching now to see if we're going to get tired, and I'm going to tell them right now, we are not going to be tired."
-Mr Obama, during the campaign speech.

Moreover, the audience who were in attendance were visibly excited to be in the former US President’s presence and cheered for him. Mr Obama told the audience, “We are bringing the seat home. Let's make this happen Georgia. I love you. Thanks for having me.” As per the publication Independent, Mr Obama encouraged all the 5000-odd audience members present to show up and vote for Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock so he could get elected for the re-election campaign.

This is not the first instance of Mr Obama interacting with kids. The former US President is well-known for being very friendly and caring towards kids in general. There are dozens of pictures and viral videos of Mr Obama interacting with kids on Twitter. Let’s check out some of them below: 

Here’s an old Obama viral video from 2018 where he dressed up as Santa to visit the Children’s National Hospital. The patients and the staff were very excited to meet Mr Obama’s Santa. Check out the video below: 

Here is a sweet picture of Mr Obama interacting with a child on the streets while wearing masks, see it below:

Check out this video of the former US President playing and interacting with young kids at a national park in the US.

Mr Obama greets and interacts with kids from the Valleyland Summer program, outside of a school in Chatfield:

An = iconic picture of Mr Obama hugging a Adrianna Holmes, who at the time was 3 years old. This picture been reposted many times on Twitter. Check it out:

In this rare picture of Mr Obama, he bends down so that the son of White House staff member could pat his head. The image was taken during one of his visits to the Oval Office in 2009.

A photo of former President Obama interacting with kids at the White House during an event, check it out here:

This wholesome picture captures Mr Obama’s affection for kids, and the cameraman does a great job capturing a unique click. See below:

In this photograph, former US President is interacting with a young child during a campaign rally in 2018 in Philadelphia, check it out:

Another unique photograph that captures Mr Obama interacting with a small child at an event, as the child’s face lights up with excitement. See below: