Air India Responds After Sanjeev Kapoor Tweet Lashing Out At Airline Over In-Flight Meal Goes Viral

Indian chef Sanjeev Kapoor took to Twitter to share his views about Air India’s poor in-flight meal service.
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Source: Twitter @SanjeevKapoor

Despite purchasing engines, hiring people, combining, and strengthening development plans, Tata-owned Air India has hit the headlines for the wrong reasons. Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor recently lashed out on Air India on Twitter over the food served on a flight from Nagpur to Mumbai.

Sanjeev Kapoor tweeted a picture of the dish that had been served, along with a description of its calibre. His tweet drew a variety of responses on the microblogging platform, with some individuals endorsing the chef.

Sanjeev Kapoor wrote on Twitter that he received cold chicken tikka along with watermelon, cucumber, tomato, and sev. With the exception of cabbage and mayo, the sandwich was hardly loaded with any vegetables. He even questioned whether Indians should be offered such food for breakfast.

There have been nearly 300.7k views since it was tweeted, and the numbers are still rising. More than 16800 people have also liked the post. Many people also took to Twitter to describe their awful flying experience with Air India. A few hours after the tweet was shared, Air India responded to Sanjeev Kapoor saying:

Twitterati React to Sanjeev Kapoor’s Post

A Twitter user named Aski De Casta responded to Sanjeev Kapoor's tweet by saying:

“I got served cold sandwiches on bangalore mumbai flight today that was not even served in a plate, n best part after landing flight was held for 20mins as no ground bus to carry passengers to terminals @airindiain what an experience”

Another Twitter user, Tom Hagen, expressed his disappointment with Air India's in-flight meal and wrote:

“Oh you got much better deal. They served that for domestic travel. See what they served in JFK DEL flight. First one is rotten fish. Second one Biriyani with Dal. Don’t know to which culinary school that great cook went. And they give canned response and nothing will change”

Famous Indian television actor Devoleena Bhattacharjee also took to Twitter and wrote:

@airindiain what are you doing guys? Not to forget you’re representing India. Enough damage happened lately. Wake up.”

Adding to the trail of tweets, a user by the name of Nirupama Kotru expressed her shock at Air India's subpar in-flight meal service. She said:

“That's really shocking. There was a time I used to prefer@airindiain food to that served by other airlines.”


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