Why Bajaj Auto’s Quadricycle Experience Has Made Rajiv Bajaj ‘Mad In India’

Bajaj emphasised the need to keep innovation away from government interventions

(Source: Official website of Global Bajaj/BloombergQuint)
(Source: Official website of Global Bajaj/BloombergQuint)

When Bajaj Auto created the quadricycle, the company thought "it's as obvious as daylight" that it was a cleaner, fuel-efficient, safe and a comfortable alternative to three-wheelers.

Five years later, the automaker is still waiting for a green signal from the Indian government to sell its four-wheeler in the country, Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj said at NASSCOM’s India Leadership Forum on Thursday.

India is the only country where Bajaj Auto has been unable to sell its four-wheeler, he lamented. It currently exports its quadricycle to countries in Asia, Europe, as well as Latin America.

On Re-Entering The Scooter Business

The company has come a long way in the last 25 years, from a manufacturer of low-cost scooters to hi-tech motorcycles that are not only sold in India, but also exported across the world, Rajiv Bajaj said.

But he refused to entertain thoughts of re-entering the scooter segment, calling it a no-brainer. It would be easier to build a 10-12 percent market share in the motorcycle segment globally rather than starting from scratch all over again in scooters, he added.

‘Idea Of Demonetisation Wrong’

With the adverse impact of the note ban continuing to hamper two-wheeler sales, Bajaj said the idea of demonetisation itself was "wrong" and therefore it would be incorrect to blame only the execution.

If the solution or the idea is right, it will go like a hot knife through butter...if the idea is not working, for example demonetisation, don’t blame execution. I think your idea itself is wrong.
Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director, Bajaj Auto


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