Trade Deficit Narrows To 13-Month Low In February As Exports And Imports Fall

India's trade deficit stood at $17.43 billion in February against $17.75 billion in January.
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India's trade deficit narrowed its lowest in 13 months in February even as exports fell faster than imports.

The trade deficit stood at $17.43 billion in February lowest in 13-months, against $17.75 billion in January, according to data shared by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry at a media briefing.

  • Exports contracted 8.8% to $33.88 billion on a year-on-year basis.

  • Imports moderated 8.2%% to $51.31 billion.

  • On a sequential basis, exports contracted 2.8% in February, while imports contracted 1.20%.

In absolute terms, exports fell to $63.03 billion in February compared with $65.15 billion in January 2023.

Imports declined to $65.86 billion against $66.42 billion in January.


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