Anand Mahindra Tweets - The Internet Has Found Adidas' Desi Brother Ajitdas

The internet has been in splits ever since Anand Mahindra has tweeted and shared an image of Adidas’ ‘brother’ Ajitdas.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Source: Screengrab of the image tweeted by&nbsp;<a href="">@anandmahindra</a></p></div>
Source: Screengrab of the image tweeted by @anandmahindra

Imitations of well-known fashion labels are everywhere and have gained popularity among many people, especially the younger generation. Even while brand enthusiasts don't prefer purchasing such goods, they nonetheless manage to capture a sizable share of our Indian marketplaces. The names of the counterfeit goods are also amusingly similar but misleading.

Anand Mahindra, a business magnate, recently posted an image of one such product online that utilises a name and logo that are similar to those of the global sportswear company Adidas. He posted a photo of an Adidas shoe that had been improperly duplicated. And surprisingly, the brand name is what has gained immense popularity. The image shows a white shoe with what appears to be an Adidas emblem and the three-stripe trademark. However, a closer inspection reveals that Adidas is actually written as ‘Ajitdas’ on the footwear.

The image became popular online as soon as it was shared. Anand Mahindra added extra humour to the post by describing it as absolutely reasonable and adding, "Adi has a brother named Ajit." Many others shared their opinions in the comment area when the image became widespread online. Several other variations of these humorous duplicates were also posted by some. Take a look at them:

Another user posted pictures of identical duplicates with misleading yet amusing names and commented, "They also have an extended family!!"

Another user jokingly wrote, "Its a custom made shoes for Mr. Ajit Das by @adidas."

Adding more to the humour, a fourth user posted, "When Adidas married reebok."

One of the posts read, "We used to make fun talks during our college days Adi & Das two Indian brothers started Adidas abroad and It has roots from India..Good to see your tweet."

Anyone can be duped by the replica's clever moniker. One user, for instance, stated that, "Logo also looking some what similar! What changes they made?!"

A user afterwards shared a picture of all well-known brands with their names replicated. "Here are more," the post read.

The post has since gone viral and received over 1K retweets and almost 22k likes. These hilariously imitated brand names will undoubtedly amuse you!