Adani Plans To Deploy Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Truck

The collaboration marks Asia’s first planned hydrogen powered mining truck, says Adani Enterprises.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Gautam Adani, chairman and founder of Adani Group. (Source: Adani Group)</p></div>
Gautam Adani, chairman and founder of Adani Group. (Source: Adani Group)

Billionaire Gautam Adani's flagship company plans to develop a hydrogen fuel cell electric truck for mining logistics and transportation along with Ashok Leyland Ltd. and Canada’s Ballard Power Systems.

“This collaboration marks Asia’s first planned hydrogen powered mining truck,” Adani Enterprises Ltd. said in a statement. “The demonstration project will be led by AEL, a company focused on both mining operations and developing green hydrogen projects for sourcing, transporting, and building out hydrogen refueling infrastructure.”

Ballard will supply the FCmove fuel cell engine for the hydrogen truck and Ashok Leyland will provide the vehicle platform and technical support. The vehicle is scheduled be launched in India this year.

The hydrogen-powered mining truck will weigh 55 tonnes, have three hydrogen tanks, a 200-kilometre working range, and be powered by Ballard’s 120 kW PEM fuel cell technology, according to the statement.

“This experience of handling hydrogen as a fuel for commercial fleet not only prepones the advent of hydrogen technology for the mining and logistics sector in the country but will also enable other businesses to opt for long-term sustainable solutions transitioning fleets in ports, airports and in their industrial operations,” Vinay Prakash, director, Adani Enterprises and CEO, Adani Natural Resources, said in the statement.

The plan for fuel cell electric truck ties with the group’s objective to build an ecosystem of green energy. The conglomerate owned by the world’s third richest person has already announced plans to invest more than $50 billion over the next 10 years in green hydrogen and associated ecosystems.

Randy MacEwen, CEO at Ballard Power Systems, said, “Our technology offers a strong value proposition for their heavy-duty mining truck with our zero emission engines providing long range, rapid refueling and heavy payload capabilities.”

N Saravanan, chief technology officer at Ashok Leyland, said, “With our track record of developing unique and new products, Ballard's technological expertise in fuel cells, and Adani’s unwavering dedication to hydrogen, there is a significant opportunity for India to decarbonize both goods and passenger transportation.”

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