Paulina Cachero
Almost 200,000 Job Cuts in Tech Pushes New Grads to Wall Street
With prominent companies culling workers and cutting pay for new hires, more young workers are reconsidering finance jobs.
Enda Curran
Recession Calls Keep Getting Pushed Back, Giving Soft Landing Believers Hope
Defying sharp rate hikes, unemployment stays low and consumers resilient.
What Makes India’s Roads the Deadliest in the World
Ragini Saxena
What Makes India’s Roads the Deadliest in the World
Poor conditions, lax enforcement, unsafe vehicles and stray animals lead to more than 900,000 deaths and injuries a year. The government aims to cut road fatalities 50% by 2025.
Alex Webb
AI Lets Microsoft Target Google And Google Target Amazon
Artificial intelligence could revive long-dormant Bing and supercharge online shopping.
Saleha Mohsin
The True Cost of an Extended US Debt-Ceiling Standoff
Recurring struggles over the borrowing limit undermine the status of the US as an economic superpower.